Snowy Owl

2013 was an incredible year for snowy owls in Newfoundland.  I was walking my dog in Ferryland when we came up on a group of four owls.  Their heads popped up and they looked at us very intently before flying off to the lighthouse.  This was the first time I had ever seen a snowy owl in the wild.

After that encounter reports started being posted on the Internet.  Day after day there were more and more sightings.  Over 160 counted in Cape Race, that same day I was in Ferryland, with a final tally of over 300 birds before the Cape Race road closed due to snow conditions.

While I posted a number of photos of my initial encounter with the four owls in Ferryland the majority of the close up photos were of a single owl in Cape Spear.  This bird had no apparent fear of people and would allow you to walk up to within a few feet.  Originally I thought the bird was injured but it was able to fly and remained in the area for a number of weeks before winter really set in.

Perhaps the bird had been rescued and had spent time around people.  After I heard about the number of birds in Cape Race I drove out to take a look.  None of the other owls I encountered would allow you to approach.  If you looked in their direction they would fly away.  Finding this owl in Cape Spear may have been a once in a lifetime experience.